NB.this site is an ARCHIVE of my work – furniture/kitchens etc. are ONLY available as
part of a Tiny House through my current business Tiny House Scotland.

Bookcases and other MDF furniture items designed by Jonathan Avery.  This origGothicBookJMAgothic bookcase was the progenitor of all the hundreds of bookcases that followed over the next 17 years; it was built on saw-horses in a driveway before I even had a workshop!

The range included everything from single to triple bay bookcases in a range of styles from Shaker to Gothic and Classical and we built many custom behemoths up to five and seven bays wide.

In addition there were home offices with all the paraphernalia required in those days for computers and wire management, pull-out printer shelves and filing drawers etc.  Wardrobes evolved from my kitchen larder cupboard design and a range of complementary bedroom furniture followed.  We built a few bathrooms too and had a ‘Junior Avery’ range of sleigh beds, small bookcases and accessories.

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