NB.this site is an ARCHIVE of my work – furniture/kitchens etc. are ONLY available as
part of a Tiny House through my current project Tiny House Scotland.

This is a personal library of commercial and private work covering a wide range of media and over three decades so far! It is both an archive and a work-in-progress.  Its construction has been both cathartic and practically useful in gaining a perspective on my work to date.

There is still a lot of material to be added to some categories but I am probably too busy with my latest project – designing and building for Tiny House Scotland!  The NestHouse is my Moveable Modular Small Eco House System designed primarily for homesteading and smallholding but also suitable for a whole range of uses such as home office, studio or extra accommodation or a holiday rental. Read about the NestHouse here.   I have designed a special version of the NestHouse for Social Bite’s Homeless Village Project in Edinburgh and I am currently working on my next Tiny House prototype – the NestPod.

August 2017

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