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BBC1 Look North Dec 1984

Studio interview for the local BBC North East local news show Look North to report my having won joint second (wow!) in the Amateur Photographer of the Year competition.  They kindly printed up three huge black and white shots I had taken of local landscapes – warehouses below the Metro Bridge, an alley-way in Silver St, Durham and gravestones at Whitby abbey and mounted these on foamboard as a backdrop to the interview.  I can’t remember whether reference was also made to a local competition at the famous Side Gallery – I have a sketchy letter from them that seems to refer to me winning something. The foamboard prints were used in many of our houses over the years until they became too dog eared and were eventually chucked out!

Black and White

Black and white photography. Use the arrows or click on the image for a lightbox view.


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Photography was what reawakened my artistic leanings.  I say reawakened, because with hindsight I was artistic and creative as a child, but from the age of about fourteen I decided that I did like going to school and Biology was the main reason; so I ended up doing a Science degree and forgot all about wanting to be a car designer.

But while at University, I borrowed my Dad’s SLR one summer and found that not only did I love the creative process of taking photographs but the results were good too.  I bought a Pentax ME Super and became obsessed.  Studying the craft and analysing the effects of composition, colour and technical settings brought back my artistic sensitivities.  I finished my degree and gained a place at Imperial College, London for post graduate work but the fact that I had already moved to medium format with a Bronica meant that I had really taken the first steps towards going professional.