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Photography was what reawakened my artistic leanings.  I say reawakened, because with hindsight I was artistic and creative as a child, but from the age of about fourteen I decided that I did like going to school and Biology was the main reason; so I ended up doing a Science degree and forgot all about wanting to be a car designer.

But while at University, I borrowed my Dad’s SLR one summer and found that not only did I love the creative process of taking photographs but the results were good too.  I bought a Pentax ME Super and became obsessed.  Studying the craft and analysing the effects of composition, colour and technical settings brought back my artistic sensitivities.  I finished my degree and gained a place at Imperial College, London for post graduate work but the fact that I had already moved to medium format with a Bronica meant that I had really taken the first steps towards going professional.