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I was self-taught as a graphic designer; it just came naturally…in the same way that my sense of photographic composition was just there.  Add to that my love of colour which has been a major sensory inspiration which I can trace all the way back to being a small child.

So I started off producing business cards and stationery for my photography business and then when Nick and I started Creative Concept I did logo design and graphics for all nature of small businesses. It was all Letraset and cut and paste in those days but then we acquired a Heidelberg printing machine and a graphics camera and started using typesetters – all technologies consigned to the historical bin by the onset of Desktop Publishing.  I was definitely an early adopter – splashing out on one of the first Apple Mac’s – a 9″ mono screen dual disk drive with external hard disk and laser printer, cost around £10k amazingly!  I have worked on Macs ever since, mainly using Adobe Creative Suite software.

Over the next few years I was awarded Membership of the Chartered Society of Designers and worked for larger and larger companies designing and photographing brochures as well as corporate identity work. By the time I started making furniture, the whole graphics skill-set was mainly used in-house for our various business ventures and that continues to this day apart from the odd commission here and there.