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Kingfisher on Shangri La bridge.

The hide has been set up for a week or so now to catch this little chap – but then I gave up because water levels in the stream have dropped again and didn’t expect to see him until we had some rain.  Hey presto, whilst eating lunch today, he arrives and stays for a good 15 minutes – long enough to get into position in the living room and get the sliding door open without spooking him.

Mallard flock roosting at twilight.

jonathan avery mallard family at roost

Those little fluffy ducks are almost full grown now. Here they are on their evening march from the stream up to the big pond to roost overnight. They don’t look like Mum and 8 x Babies anymore – more of a mini flock of 9 ducks…they still follow her dutifully wherever she leads though!  The main pic shows Mum keeping an eye on me while the ducklings sit motionless amongst the bullrushes as twilight descends.JA6_9873JA6_9866