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Sparrow condo’s from Tiny House Scotland

After seeing a great piece by the RSPB on trying to help our beleaguered House Sparrows by putting up  communal nest boxes – I decided it was time to ‘Practice what you preach’!  These cute little birds were a very common site when I was a child – always nesting and chattering around the eaves of the house, but as with many other species they have fallen on hard times and the way we build now does not give them the same nesting opportunities.

We have quite a population of house sparrows here at Shangri La Farm – usually in and around the beech hedge but I don’t know where they actually nest. So as an act of solidarity with the RSPB I rattled up a triple nest box for them…its just scrap OSB but it will be well sheltered under the house eaves…I have finished it with a coat of Osmo’s superb Country Colour which is very similar to Falu red.

OMG‪#‎tinyhouse‬ all in a row ha ha – Tiny House Scotland – IS a housing developer after all!!

Gothic Arbour – Tiny House Scotland

tiny house Scotland Gothic arbour

Tiny House Scotland’s latest construction – a garden arbour in a neo-gothic style. To be used as a view point, weather shelter and sculptural landmark. L 2.1m x W 1.1m x H 3.3m.  Heavy timber frame post and beam with new and recycled materials. Redwood shiplap cladding. Sixty degree roof. Hand cast concrete piers. Recycled windows set asymmetrically for standing and sitting heights. Reclaimed corrugated steel sheeting for the roof and rear elevation.

L 2.1m x W 1.1m x H 3.3m.

Part of the Tiny House Scotland buildings range  – prices starting from £2900 email if you are interested in one!)  See the product page here.

Garden Design

I have designed and built many gardens over the years and more water features and ponds than I care to count!  I am now engaged in my most ambitious project to date – landscaping the 3 hectares at Shangri La Farm where I have now planted well over 3000 trees, including 2200 British native species kindly supplied by The Woodland Trust, along with many other specimen trees grown in the nursery from seed. The aim is to create a unique landscape – partly wildlife haven and partly architectural design.

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