Lloyd Kahn’s next book.

Shelter Publications , Bolinas, California.

Shelter Publications , Bolinas, California.

I am super-stoked (!) that my Nesthouse will be featured in Lloyd Kahn’s next book which is currently in preparation.  Called ‘Small Houses’ it is the latest in an influential line of architectural tomes which have formed the backbone of ecological self builders’ inspiration world-wide for decades.

Feature in Campfire Magazine

Campfire magazine article.


The Nesthouse and I are happy to have been featured in an article in Campfire – the online magazine for those who love the outdoors.  They have written an excellent little article about Tiny Houses which gives a good contextual overview of this US phenomenon which has been part of my inspiration to create an innovative and sustainable new housing form.

Read the article in Campfire Magazine.

Sneak peek at the Nesthouse interior!

Tiny House Scotland's Nesthouse - designed and built by Jonathan Avery.

I have been working on the interior photography of the main space in the Nesthouse this week – so here’s an early release to whet your appetite!

Now you could just have your Nesthouse completed to shell finish – so it is ready for you to furnish, or,  I could design and custom build every furniture item in the house – as demonstrated in the prototype; total Jonathan Avery style from inside to outside! More photos to follow soon – checkout the gallery.

The Nesthouse meets new friends!

The Nesthouse from Tiny House Scotland.

We had a family party this weekend with friends and family travelling long distances to visit and celebrate Jo’s birthday.  As a by-product, this also amounted to the Nesthouse’s debut public event with around 40 curious party-goers taking the tour!

Mind you, it has had quite a few previous visits at various stages of construction by potential clients, but not in it’s new location and virtually finished (we won’t mention the bathroom yet!).

It was an exhausting but rewarding couple of hours showing people around and explaining the ideas behind the Nesthouse.  The feedback was tremendous and at times embarrassingly fulsome and gushing (for me)!  Those familiar with my design styling and details over the years certainly spotted them and declared it totally “Jonathan”. There were several people ready to “move in immediately” and a couple of possible sales leads too.  All in all a reassuring debut for the project…I’m a happy boy!!

Tiny House Scotland’s Nesthouse actually moves!

The Moveable Small House…actually moves!

Moveable Modular Small House System

Central to the Nesthouse concept is the ability to actually move the house when desired….well I am pleased to say the prototype has passed its moveability trials with flying colours!!  Tiny House Scotland is now ready to do the external cladding.

There’s still another 2 tons to add to the build – it’s currently 5 tons – so a bigger tractor may be required!

Sparrow condo’s from Tiny House Scotland

After seeing a great piece by the RSPB on trying to help our beleaguered House Sparrows by putting up  communal nest boxes – I decided it was time to ‘Practice what you preach’!  These cute little birds were a very common site when I was a child – always nesting and chattering around the eaves of the house, but as with many other species they have fallen on hard times and the way we build now does not give them the same nesting opportunities.

We have quite a population of house sparrows here at Shangri La Farm – usually in and around the beech hedge but I don’t know where they actually nest. So as an act of solidarity with the RSPB I rattled up a triple nest box for them…its just scrap OSB but it will be well sheltered under the house eaves…I have finished it with a coat of Osmo’s superb Country Colour which is very similar to Falu red.

OMG‪#‎tinyhouse‬ all in a row ha ha – Tiny House Scotland – IS a housing developer after all!!

Hare returns?

Hare today gone tomorrow.

I’ve not seen a hare in the field for over two years but now we have a wheat crop next door again and I saw one over the hedge in that field the other evening.

You can imagine my delight when I spotted this pair of ears on my morning walk this morning and rushed back for the wildlife lens. I stripped down to bare feet and stalked my way back towards the target…and I could get REALLY close!  Upon focussing my first thought was “poor thing – what maggoty ears!!”

Then I realised it was the end of a log I had used for photographing Jays three years ago! DoH!

Gothic Arbour – Tiny House Scotland

tiny house Scotland Gothic arbour

Tiny House Scotland’s latest construction – a garden arbour in a neo-gothic style. To be used as a view point, weather shelter and sculptural landmark. L 2.1m x W 1.1m x H 3.3m.  Heavy timber frame post and beam with new and recycled materials. Redwood shiplap cladding. Sixty degree roof. Hand cast concrete piers. Recycled windows set asymmetrically for standing and sitting heights. Reclaimed corrugated steel sheeting for the roof and rear elevation.

L 2.1m x W 1.1m x H 3.3m.

Part of the Tiny House Scotland buildings range  – prices starting from £2900 email if you are interested in one!)  See the product page here.

Kingfisher on Shangri La bridge.

The hide has been set up for a week or so now to catch this little chap – but then I gave up because water levels in the stream have dropped again and didn’t expect to see him until we had some rain.  Hey presto, whilst eating lunch today, he arrives and stays for a good 15 minutes – long enough to get into position in the living room and get the sliding door open without spooking him.

Knife Block

Jonathan Avery Knife Block

Last week we bought three new Japanese Tetsuhiro kitchen knives from Niwaki and seeing as our old knife block was looking very tired, I thought I would rattle up a new one in the workshop!  This is the heavyweight replacement – alternating layers of beech and quarter-sawn oak with a danish oil finish and 12 degree angles.


knife block by Jonathan Avery

Photo voltaics can be beautiful!

solar power

Who says solar power can’t be gorgeous? The people of New Caledonia are out to prove the naysayers wrong with what may be the most beautiful solar farm on the planet. The heart-shaped solar farm will supply 2 megawatts of solar power to 750 homes on the Pacific island, reducing carbon emissions while enhancing the natural beauty of the plant’s surroundings.

Read more: French Island Territory is Building Perhaps the Most Beautiful Solar Plant Ever | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building