Monthly Archives: February 2015

Kingfisher on Shangri La bridge.

The hide has been set up for a week or so now to catch this little chap – but then I gave up because water levels in the stream have dropped again and didn’t expect to see him until we had some rain.  Hey presto, whilst eating lunch today, he arrives and stays for a good 15 minutes – long enough to get into position in the living room and get the sliding door open without spooking him.

Knife Block

Jonathan Avery Knife Block

Last week we bought three new Japanese Tetsuhiro kitchen knives from Niwaki and seeing as our old knife block was looking very tired, I thought I would rattle up a new one in the workshop!  This is the heavyweight replacement – alternating layers of beech and quarter-sawn oak with a danish oil finish and 12 degree angles.


knife block by Jonathan Avery